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Best Basic Hummus – Le meilleur Houmous classique

Hummus is proof that some of the best things to eat are usually the easiest ones to make: very few ingredients, no cooking, just some mixing 🙂 I love my hummus classic, the traditional way, but you can experiment with different spices or flavors (add some beetroot for instance for a sweet touch or black olives for the tapenade effect). I actually used to not like it because I was used to the industrial ones… the homemade-part actually makes a big difference! Serve with meat (lamb in particular), raw veggies or just some warm flatbreads! I served mine for brunch for a Mediterranean touch, with some paprika fried prawns, scrambled eggs with fresh herbs and some fresh baguette, yummiest thing in the morning! Continue reading “Best Basic Hummus – Le meilleur Houmous classique”

Crispy sesame tofu with spicy veggie, Tofu grillĂ© au sĂ©same sur lĂ©gumes Ă©picĂ©s

If food were a friend this one would be in your pack! it feels so simple and healthy (the greens and the sesame will boost your calcium and minerals levels while the ginger an garlic will strengthen you immune system), you only need few ingredients and you can easily switch to other ingredients if you don’t have those exact vegetables on hand for instance. It’s kinda like this comfy cashmere sweater you wear at home on sundays 🙂 Continue reading “Crispy sesame tofu with spicy veggie, Tofu grillĂ© au sĂ©same sur lĂ©gumes Ă©picĂ©s”

Pull-apart Brioche Pain Perdu

Now this recipe combines many things I love about food: the childhood pleasure of tearing things apart, the fun of eating with your hands, the buttery taste of Brioche and the american feel of French Toast… I’m sure you wanna know more by now! All you’ll need is a classic French toast prep, a big Brioche from the Bakery and an oven. Yes, you read right! no pan, no messiness here! you put it all together and you throw it in the oven, it’s that simple! Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading “Pull-apart Brioche Pain Perdu”

Chez Minna, Paris

Corsica sets foot rue d’Hauteville in Paris with authentic home-food and success is definitely calling! First impression, the setting is streamlined and welcoming, mixing khaki and raw stone with suspended light bulb. Service is well-groomed with young, friendly and earnest staff, just like the famous Ă®le de beautĂ©. Now, the best part, the food… Continue reading “Chez Minna, Paris”

Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bincho Ginza, Tokyo

A foodie as myself could not miss Hitsumabushi as part of the Tokyo food experience. If you have to try it once, go to this place. It’s on the pricy side for Japan but definitely ok and the experience is totally worth it! Continue reading “Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bincho Ginza, Tokyo”

La Cuisine de Philipe, Paris

Please meet French Cuisine in its uttermost traditional apparel at Cuisine de Philippe, a tiny authentic bistrot right next to the Jardin du Luxembourg, made notorious thanks to its gorgeous homemade “SoufflĂ©s“.  Continue reading “La Cuisine de Philipe, Paris”

Lentil salad – Salade de lentilles

Here comes the alternative to my red lentils salad! Again, the ultimate healthy meal, full of vitamins, with beautiful colors, combining the sweet and the salty, the soft and the crispy… aka a mind blower! AND perfect to get summer-ready in these sunny times of the year. What’s new this time? This alternative plays with green lentils instead, full of iron, and an apple to add the sweet and sour touch. Continue reading “Lentil salad – Salade de lentilles”

Ma Biche, Paris

“Un paysan dans ton assiette, te voilĂ  bien dans tes baskets ”. Homefood elevated to fine food. This little Parisian spot in the midst of Montmartre uses only products straight from producers to revisit grandma’s cooking, aka food made with love and good products. Continue reading “Ma Biche, Paris”

Red lentils salad – Salade de lentilles corail

Trying to stay on the healthy side? Go for this huge bowl of lentils and plenty of other colorful and tasty things! I actually have two versions of this recipe, I’ll post the second option very soon. This one is the sweetest alternative thanks to the red lentils, the beetroot and the sweet potato. Veggie protein, antioxydants and vitamins: your perfect remedy against winter blues. Continue reading “Red lentils salad – Salade de lentilles corail”

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