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My famous green omelette – Ma fameuse omelette green

Quick and easy: the omelette. It could go wrong in so many different ways though. Overcooked, broken, poor taste… The cooking time and heat aside, one key to success is the choice of the ingredients you add to pimp your omelette. A plain omelette is kinda dull and that’s not something you’d want to serve to some guests. But twisted with some fresh herbs, spring onions and feta cheese it instantly steps into the top meals to prepare when in a hurry and looking for something tasty and healthy. Continue reading “My famous green omelette – Ma fameuse omelette green”


Veggie pasta, risotto-style – Pâtes veggie façon risotto

Here comes a nice and easy way to instantly upgrade your evening pasta dish! The all-in-one cooking nicely combines all the ingredients, the lemon zest brings a bold twist and most importantly, the slow cooking gives the whole thing the creamiest texture ever! You can switch for other veggies or add some new ones, the most important being the nice combination of colors and vitamins. Continue reading “Veggie pasta, risotto-style – Pâtes veggie façon risotto”

La Réclame, Paris

One of my favorite brunches in town, in an intimate 50s inspired set somewhere between a grocery shop and a doll house, La Réclame will surprise you with home-made grandma-style recipes using regional products such as the “florins“, warm little round breads stamped with a seal and served with butter, jam and praliné spread… hungry already? keep reading! Continue reading “La Réclame, Paris”

Schwartz’s Deli, Paris

Here comes a major cornerstone of American food in Paris! Schwartz’s Deli is one of the first NYC Delicatessen established in Paris in 2009, with 3 adresses all serving cheesecakes, milk-shakes and pastrami. The one I like to go to is the one in the 17th, avenue Niel where the decor is typically American with red leather sofas and checkered tablecloths. Continue reading “Schwartz’s Deli, Paris”

Kintaro, Paris

In the midst of the Japanese quartier around Opera, stands Kintaro, one of my favorite cantines when it comes to Japanese food from ramen to soba through tempura and gyoza! The menu is wide, the noodle soup list endless and the food absolutely yummy whatsoever. Continue reading “Kintaro, Paris”

Lentil salad moroccan style – Salade de lentilles à la marocaine

Yet another healthy lentils recipe! this time with a Moroccan twist added by the cumin and the red pepper. Full of vitamin B & C, iron and some protein, this recipe has it all and is easy to throw together at any time! It’s a catch! Continue reading “Lentil salad moroccan style – Salade de lentilles à la marocaine”

Pizza di Loretta, Paris

There are actually different adresses in Paris but what’s common is that they all serve pizza “al taglio” and that they all display a typical Little Italy setting with brick walls, black & white family pictures and a sheer tiles floor. Continue reading “Pizza di Loretta, Paris”

Veggie curry over red rice – Curry de légumes et riz rouge

I actually got the idea for this recipe after having lunch at Rice Trotter, a small place dedicated to rice lovers which I highly recommend! They specialize in all sorts of curry, with a menu changing everyday, served on top of delicious rice, from basmati rice to Thai red rice though Italian black rice. I decided I’d go for some butternut as a base, mixed with some coconut and indian spices served with some red rice and it turned out amazingly good! Continue reading “Veggie curry over red rice – Curry de légumes et riz rouge”

Nous, Paris

Fast food made organic and healthy! That’s what Nous is all about, perfect for a healthy lunch break in the midst of Paris, Continue reading “Nous, Paris”

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