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October 2015

Une Glace à Paris, Paris

Down to one of my favorite subjects: ice cream. Everyone who’s met me at least once knows I’ve got A THING for ice cream and have always had A THING for ice cream (need proof? see down below…). I am not going to linger on my unconditional love for Amorino, ever since they opened their first shop in Paris. Well, maybe I am but just a little then. Continue reading “Une Glace à Paris, Paris”


The All American Brownie – Le Brownie tout droit venu des USA

Another of my famous recipes: the melty chocolate brownie. The one that’s crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, with the walnuts to add some crunchiness to it all! And it’s such an easy one whatsoever! Continue reading “The All American Brownie – Le Brownie tout droit venu des USA”

Lengue, Paris

What a treat! If you love Japan and its food this is one place you’ll need to try out in Paris. Lengue is the typical Izakaya, meaning saké bar, where you’ll get to share small mind-blowing dishes, kind of like the Japanese take on Tapas. Continue reading “Lengue, Paris”

Le Hide, Paris

A nice address when you’re on a date where you can enjoy a very small and comfy scenery, amazing food and tasty French wine! I certainly did not expect this restaurant to turn out so good when I walked past it one night while going to a party in my neighborhood. The crowd inside however triggered my curiosity and I decided to take a look at the menu, which is when I decided I HAD to have diner there asap. Continue reading “Le Hide, Paris”

Distrito Frances, Paris

Here’s a brand new place (well, actually 4 months old but it’s still pretty new) I tried out tonight with my friends! Distrito Frances. Mexican food lovers, read carefully, this might be of some interest to you. And for you others like me out there, not sure whether you like it but always ready for some new foodie experience, please keep reading 🙂 Continue reading “Distrito Frances, Paris”

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