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November 2015

New York Cheesecake

I am one hell of a Cheesecake lover. A real one, one who tries every cheesecake that comes her way. It goes without saying I had a really good time while living in New York. I just have to do with Starbucks over here in Paris, where (ignorant) people believe cheesecake and fromage blanc cake are the same thing… My recipe is one I’ve been using since high school and it’s always a success. It’s the plain New York style one with raspberry sauce on top. Continue reading “New York Cheesecake”


Spontini 50, Paris

Actually, this isn’t exactly a discovery, as it’s the second time I’ve eaten there. But the second time was so good I decided it definitely deserved a spot on my blog! Small hidden restaurant, off the busy streets of Montorgueil, Spontini 50 is one hell of restaurant you should try out! Continue reading “Spontini 50, Paris”

Chez Ann, Paris

My very own top discovery of the month so far! At Chez Ann, everything is homemade and you can tell! The Dim Sum are delicious with fresh and tasty ingredients (I think it’s actually the first time I’ve ever had genuine shrimp pieces in my dumplings), Continue reading “Chez Ann, Paris”

Le Fumoir, Paris

I’ve been coming to Le Fumoir for Sunday brunch for years now. Started in High school and I’m still going today with the same group of friends, it sort of became a ritual I might say… Continue reading “Le Fumoir, Paris”

Babalou, Paris

Perfect for a romantic dinner in Paris: Babalou is a small pizzeria right at the foot of the Sacré Coeur, which has a small terrasse (on the side walk though), which you’ll need to specifically request when placing your reservation (necessary) if you want it. Continue reading “Babalou, Paris”

Grom, Paris

Grom: “Gelato how it used to be”, 100% natural, straight from Turin, since 2003. Yep, here’s the ice cream lover talking again. I came across their Parisian boutique last September and (as you now know), HAD to try this famous ice cream out. Grom is a renowned ice-cream maker which made a name for itself in Italy (and now has boutiques all over the world) and only uses ingredients of the utmost quality (cage-free eggs, no food coloring, no preservatives, spring water, etc). Grom is certainly good but Grom is also as healthy as can be! Continue reading “Grom, Paris”

The Salmon Burger made in California – Le Burger au Saumon made in Californie

Yet another American recipe (you’ll see with time how much I love those) but revisited by myself: the Burger! I came up with this recipe at the time because I wanted to make my meat-loving-sweetheart something meaty for once. Later on, I wondered: why not make this recipe with some salmon instead? And that’s how this foodgasmic dish was born! Continue reading “The Salmon Burger made in California – Le Burger au Saumon made in Californie”

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