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January 2016

Galette des Rois

Here comes a big French classic, the Galette a.k.a the fat, buttery, almondy treat you’re allowed all January long (at least in my world)! This typically french recipe is meant to be eaten for the Epiphany, i.e. the first Sunday after January, 1st. It should be filled with almond cream but usually it is filled with something called “frangipane”, which makes it not always so digestible. My recipe however, inspired by a Pierre Hermé recipe, is one of the tastiest yet digestible ones I’ve ever had. I twisted it with caramel and pecans for an even yummier feel! Make sure you have some time ahead of you as it takes some time… Continue reading “Galette des Rois”


Blueberry Maki, Paris

Here comes the sushi lover again, but most of all I love the California maki, which isn’t exactly what you’d call the original Japanese delicacy but, anyway… California maki lovers, go to Blueberry Maki, this trendy Parisian restaurant specializing in California maki. It’s a little pricy (count 35-40€ if you really want to live the experience fully) but it’s really really good.

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