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February 2016

La Crème de Paris, Paris

Here’s a new place I’ve been wanting to visit for a while and first thing I thought was “that’s actually a place I should have owned”: ice cream, crêpes, smoothies, cakes and milkshakes, basically every single thing I love united in one place.  Continue reading “La Crème de Paris, Paris”


Okomusu, Paris

One who’s never been to Japan might not know about Okonomiyaki, this amazing home-feel dish straight outta Osaka. What a pity…  But – lucky you! – you can try it out right in the middle of Paris, in the 3rd arrondissement, at Okomusu. To get some of idea of what we’re talking about here, Okonomiyaki is a kind of big crêpe-y omelette made out of eggs, cabbage, pork and seafood and topped with a sweet sauce and some sort of mayonnaise. Of course, different alternatives are available on the menu and you can even customize it with additional cheese for example! Bet you’re sold yet 🙂 Continue reading “Okomusu, Paris”

Easy veggie curry – Le curry veggie facile

Here’s an easy recipe I just came up with last night. It’s the perfect quick fix for a weeknight dinner. Plus, the coconut milk makes it such a tasty yummy treat! I went with what I had in the fridge, meaning almost nothing and vegetables only, but you can add as you please chicken, shrimps or other vegetables! Continue reading “Easy veggie curry – Le curry veggie facile”

Berry mix Crumbcake – Crumbcake aux fruits rouges

I heard there’s this big thing going on with the crumbcake right now so I thought I should share with you my Berry Mix Crumbcake recipe, another one of these all American amazing recipes I’m crazy about. It’s amazingly soft and yummy and, even better, it works with berries of your choice! I use a mix of frozen berries which always turns out perfectly! Continue reading “Berry mix Crumbcake – Crumbcake aux fruits rouges”

The ultimate Crêpes recipe -La meilleure recette de crêpes

February just started. In other words, its crêpe orgie kick-off. All February long, you are allowed to stuff yourself with the ultimate French delicacy, a.k.a. crêpes – definitely not to be confused with pancakes or the German pfannkuchen!! You’ve guessed, crêpes stand among my Top5 favorite things to eat, so we’re talking really serious business here. For years now I’ve tried and tried recipes over and over again, adding something, taking something out and trying different ways to cook them with no 100% satifactory result. Until today. The day has come to share with you what I believe to be the BEST-crêpes-ever recipe. Continue reading “The ultimate Crêpes recipe -La meilleure recette de crêpes”

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