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March 2016

Pasta with mushrooms – Spaghetti aux pleurotes

Here’s a surprisingly easy recipe with a maximum wow effect! I prefer to use spaghetti but this would also perfectly work with tagliatelle or any pasta of your choice actually (even though I have to say I prefer the pasta to wrap around the mushrooms). In terms of mushrooms it’s important to use tasty ones! doesn’t matter whether fresh or frozen, the important feature is the taste. That’s why I use oyster mushrooms but you can go for some girolles instead. Continue reading “Pasta with mushrooms – Spaghetti aux pleurotes”


Pasta with ricotta & sweet pepper – Pâtes ricotta & poivron

Italy… its language, its antipasti, its aperitivo, its cheese, its pasta… sweet rhapsody… everything about Italy is tasty, luxurious and comforting and that includes the pasta! Plus it’s so easy to come up with an amazing recipe with just a few leftovers in your fridge! I came up with this yummy association of tomatoes, ricotta and sweet pepper, all combining into this soft and sweet dish, perfect for a weeknight fix. Continue reading “Pasta with ricotta & sweet pepper – Pâtes ricotta & poivron”

Best oyakodon – le meilleur oyakodon

Here’s an easy and typical Japanese recipe for a quick week night fix! Oyako stands for parents and children (because of the chicken and eggs!) and don from Donburi, the big bowl the japanese serve their meal in. I sometimes go for the plain mushroom version when I don’t have so much time and you can add any desired vegetables such as leek, carrots etc.

Continue reading “Best oyakodon – le meilleur oyakodon”

Salmon Niçoise – Niçoise au saumon

Again, one super easy recipe for a weeknight dinner! Plus, it’s light and healthy, what’s more? I revisited the traditional Niçoise salad with a salmon version because I love this fish so much! But be my guest and try the classic tuna version instead if you want 🙂 Continue reading “Salmon Niçoise – Niçoise au saumon”

Zazza, Paris

Yet another Italian restaurant in Paris! It’s small, it’s cosy, it’s good, what else? Freshly opened in the midst of the 9th arrondissement (not so far from La Crème de Paris btw – why not for some dessert?), this could become your new go-to when going to a boulevard theater for instance! Continue reading “Zazza, Paris”

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