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April 2016

The all-Greek Tzatziki – Le Fameux Tzatziki Grec

Feeling summery and yearning for some fresh and light dip? Turn to Greece and its renowned dips! Tzatziki being one of the easiest dips to make!… when you have the right recipe on hand 🙂 Continue reading “The all-Greek Tzatziki – Le Fameux Tzatziki Grec”


World’s best Carrot cake – Le meilleur Carrot cake

Another American masterpiece I’ve been making for years now without ever altering my perfect recipe, learnt while on a trip in Norfolk during high school! Back to the basics. Best part is: the cake looks amazing but it’s such an easy one to make as well! Continue reading “World’s best Carrot cake – Le meilleur Carrot cake”

Tarte Tatin (the French apple pie)

We the French also have our patriotic apple pie, aka the Tarte Tatin, a delicious combination of apples, buttery caramel and puff pastry. As always, this is an incredibly easy recipe which you can have ready in less than an hour and with very few ingredients, hence a nice last minute dessert option! Continue reading “Tarte Tatin (the French apple pie)”

Roca, Paris

Now here comes something new and different! Roca, in the midst of the 17th quarter in Paris, offers a creative take on French food with a gastronomique twist. Old tapas bar turned into a sophisticated haute cuisine restaurant, this place could very well become my neighborhood sweet spot! Continue reading “Roca, Paris”

Tuna spread – Thonade

Easy recipe with maximum effect when having friends over! I call this tuna spread because that’s how I first made it but it works with many different fish options such as salmon or mackerel for instance. Continue reading “Tuna spread – Thonade”

Amici miei, Paris

Here comes an other Italian restaurant! Recommended by one of my Italian  aficionados, I ran to try it out! Amici miei, literally “my friends” feels just like home made in Italy. Continue reading “Amici miei, Paris”

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