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June 2016

Veggie Beets Burger

I am always experimenting with different veggie burgers and this one’s definitely as tasty and healthy as it is beautiful to look at. Plus, it’s a fun one! Continue reading “Veggie Beets Burger”


Siseng, Paris

Asia… again! but it’s so good and you know it! Yes it’s a burger and that doesn’t really call for Asian does it? but it’s the Bao burger! Straight outta China and made in Canal Saint Martin, Siseng offers the new foodie must-have you need to try. Continue reading “Siseng, Paris”

Y-izakaya, Paris

Nothing fancy or really special… just really good, authentic and simple! What a nice unexpected discovery for a weeknight dinner. Y-izakaya is this tiny easy go-to Japanese restaurant when you’re looking for some cheap eat-out in your neighborhood. Continue reading “Y-izakaya, Paris”

Matcha, White Chocolate & Cranberries Cookies – Cookies Matcha, Chocolat blanc & Cranberries

Time has come for me to share my 2nd best cookie recipe with this Japanese-y take on the all-American sweet. No need to worry about the matcha’s bitterness, you can barely taste the flavor, it’s very sweet and mild… Plus, the white chocolate and the cranberries add this extra sweetness to balance it anyway! Something to please anyone, even those against matcha such as my better half! Plus you’ll enjoy making them as much as actually eating them. Just like my classic cookie recipe, this is an easy one: no waiting, no chilling the dough, just 9min in the oven… tadam! Continue reading “Matcha, White Chocolate & Cranberries Cookies – Cookies Matcha, Chocolat blanc & Cranberries”

Killer Banana Bread – Cake à la Banane de la mort qui tue

What’s more comforting and regressive than a banana? Did you too put bananas with milk chocolate in the microwave when you were a child? or maybe that’s juste me… I actually read in some scientific press title that it’s good to have a banana at night because it boosts your melatonin (sleep hormone) levels thereby acting as a soothing medium. Makes sense then that I feel so good while having a slice of my delicious Banana bread. That one’s a killer, trust me! And, again, its such an easy one! Have some very ripe bananes in stock? Go for it! Continue reading “Killer Banana Bread – Cake à la Banane de la mort qui tue”

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