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July 2016

La Fabbrica, Paris

Italy once again, in the midst of Paris! The perfect go-to for a dinner with friends, maybe not so much for a romantic one-to-one given how close the tables are to one another. Set in an old “Boulangerie” with its typical old school façade still in place for a vintage-y look, you will love the setting and decor, very New Yorker Little Italy. Continue reading “La Fabbrica, Paris”


Banana Caramel French Toast – Pain Perdu Banane Caramel

Another delicious recipe made in USA for breakfast: French Toast which I twisted with Dulce de Leche Caramel and Bananas, perfect for Sunday brunch! Continue reading “Banana Caramel French Toast – Pain Perdu Banane Caramel”

The Original Pecan Pie – La Tarte à la Noix de Pécan

America’s got some of the best dessert recipes and Pecan Pie is one classic you should master to impress your guests! This one’s very easy and probably one of the quickest dessert recipes to prepare. Continue reading “The Original Pecan Pie – La Tarte à la Noix de Pécan”

Salmon & Mango Tartare – Tartare Mangue & Mangue

Summer’s finally here and we’re all yearning for some refreshing and light meals! This Salmon and Mango Tartare is the perfect fit: a raw food meal that will leave you satiated yet not overfilled, ready to take a plunge in the swimming pool – or just ready for a good night sleep, depends on where you are… Continue reading “Salmon & Mango Tartare – Tartare Mangue & Mangue”

Greens and Feta Frittata – Frittata aux Légumes et Féta

Frittata, otherwise know as the the Spanish omelette, is an easy way to quickly fix dinner pretty much out of nothing. Just like our omelette you can add anything you’d like in it and come up with your own. This one is fresh and summery with peas and green beans for the sweet touch and goat cheese (feta) for the salty balance. Continue reading “Greens and Feta Frittata – Frittata aux Légumes et Féta”

Miso Salmon on veggie noodles – Saumon Miso sur nouilles veggie

Yet another salmon recipe I hear you say? Yes but very different and still a hell of a tasty one! The miso adds so much flavor and reminds me of Japan… I served it over a bowl of “veggie” noodles aka a mix of seaweed, glass noodles and julienne-sliced cucumber but it obviously works with rice or just plain rice noodles for instance. Make your pick and shoot ahead! Continue reading “Miso Salmon on veggie noodles – Saumon Miso sur nouilles veggie”

Shrimp burrito – Burrito aux crevettes

Here’s a nice and fresh alternative to the classic burrito! I served this over Sunday brunch to change from the usual eggs and salmon and I’d say it was definitely a nice shot. Plus, it’s a nice way to use left over rice. Of course it also works with chicken instead of shrimps for the meat-lovers among you! Keep the rest the same and your burrito should be a mind-blower in any case. Continue reading “Shrimp burrito – Burrito aux crevettes”

Baked salmon on sweet potatoes – Saumon rôti sur patates douces

Salmon still remains a favorite in my heart and the good thing is there are so many different ways to cook it! with 100% success chances among your guests! As always, this recipe is of the utmost simplicity with astonishing taste and ready in less than 45 minutes tops, perfect for a weeknight dinner. Let’s go! Continue reading “Baked salmon on sweet potatoes – Saumon rôti sur patates douces”

Pasta almost Carbonara – Les presque Carbo

It seems like it always comes down to Pasta! This time looking into a big classic, many times mis-realized unfortunately… especially in France where heavy cream has become a standard. Wrong! no heavy cream for Carbonara please! This recipe is one of the easiest ones to make with as little ingredients as can be, probably ones you’ll have in your fridge at all times. So let’s go! Continue reading “Pasta almost Carbonara – Les presque Carbo”

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