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December 2016

Loulou Friendly Diner, Paris

A small American getaway in the midst of Paris. Looking for fresh juice, a big fat burger or a delicious club sandwich? Loulou Friendly Diner is your go-to. Continue reading “Loulou Friendly Diner, Paris”


Salmon Tataki – Tataki de Saumon

What would a week on my blogpage be without some salmon featured?? This one’s got some Japanese roots to it and is so easy to master with just a few Japanese ingredients on your hands. Plus, you’ll be sure to make a hit among your guests! Continue reading “Salmon Tataki – Tataki de Saumon”

Cinnamon pull-apart loaf – Brioche à la cannelle à effeuiller

Who said anything about post xmas dinner diet? Yes, it’s Monday, yes, we’ve had plenty of food to last through winter and still, I’m obsessed with this Cinnamon Pull-apart Brioche. I usually don’t like any recipe involving self-made dough (pizza, bread…) because so much can go wrong along the way ending up with a flat piece of bread and a messy kitchen. But this one’s very easy and 100% success guaranteed.  Continue reading “Cinnamon pull-apart loaf – Brioche à la cannelle à effeuiller”

Salmon Lentils – Lentilles au saumon

Winter has a way of depriving us iron and vitamine D (despite the continuous overeating and chocolate O.D.). Although there’s not much you can do about vitamine D (besides celebrating Christmas on a beach in Mauritius) I may have an idea for the iron part and it doesn’t involve any red meat! Continue reading “Salmon Lentils – Lentilles au saumon”

IDA, Paris

If you haven’t heard of IDA by Denny Imbroisi yet, I don’t know where you’ve been the past 12 months! Trained in Italy, after a short stop at the Jules Vernes in Paris and a remarquable Top Chef entry in 2012, Denny announced the opening of his very own Italian restaurant in 2015, which quickly became the it-Carbonara place. Continue reading “IDA, Paris”

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