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February 2017

Marbré Pound Cake – Cake Marbré

Here come a big French classic, revisited the American way: meet the Marbré-style pound cake! An incredibly easy recipe perfect for breakfast as well as afternoon tea, which you can keep for several days without loosing any of its softness. Continue reading “Marbré Pound Cake – Cake Marbré”


Monkfish cider casserole – Lotte au cidre en cocotte

An easy recipe to impress your guests! The noble monkfish should already add a sophisticated touch to your meal but the breton cider marinade will upgrade it even more. Served with pilaf rice and some winter vegetables, it is the perfect option for a 3 course dinner. Continue reading “Monkfish cider casserole – Lotte au cidre en cocotte”

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