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April 2017

Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bincho Ginza, Tokyo

A foodie as myself could not miss Hitsumabushi as part of the Tokyo food experience. If you have to try it once, go to this place. It’s on the pricy side for Japan but definitely ok and the experience is totally worth it! Continue reading “Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bincho Ginza, Tokyo”


La Cuisine de Philipe, Paris

Please meet French Cuisine in its uttermost traditional apparel at Cuisine de Philippe, a tiny authentic bistrot right next to the Jardin du Luxembourg, made notorious thanks to its gorgeous homemade “Soufflés“.  Continue reading “La Cuisine de Philipe, Paris”

Lentil salad – Salade de lentilles

Here comes the alternative to my red lentils salad! Again, the ultimate healthy meal, full of vitamins, with beautiful colors, combining the sweet and the salty, the soft and the crispy… aka a mind blower! AND perfect to get summer-ready in these sunny times of the year. What’s new this time? This alternative plays with green lentils instead, full of iron, and an apple to add the sweet and sour touch. Continue reading “Lentil salad – Salade de lentilles”

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