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Starters & Main Courses

I decided to merge these two themes as I live by the rule that every recipe can be made either as a starter or a main course!

J’ai décidé de fusionner ces deux catégories car je suis convaincu que toute recette est versatile selon les envies de chacun!

Sweet Carrot salad – Salade de carottes aigre-douce

The perfect healthy combo to boost your vitamine levels with carrots for the happiness therapy! The lemon-cider dressing adds a sweet-sour touch providing this dish with a fresh summery taste. Continue reading “Sweet Carrot salad – Salade de carottes aigre-douce”


Punk salad – Salade punk

Lentils again, right?! Yeah I kinda love them… But again, very different from the previous recipes, with a little “niçoise salad” feel! I leave you to discover it on your own. As always it’s fairly easy. Only tough part lies in the candied cherry tomatoes but you can get them preprepared from any supermarket! Continue reading “Punk salad – Salade punk”

Macaroni alla butternut

A quick and easy way to serve an original dish and to even have some leftover soup! The butternut sauce adds a sweet touch to the classic macaroni dish, perfect for end of year cold nights!  Continue reading “Macaroni alla butternut”

Spaghettoni alla carbonara

Here comes the original past alla carbonara recipe by IDA chef, Denny Imbroisi: no cream, no bacon involved! And the best you’ll ever have I am sure. Follow these simple steps… Continue reading “Spaghettoni alla carbonara”

Greek spinach & feta brick – Brick à la Grecque aux épinards et à la féta

Greece is full of resources when it comes to finger food ! Hence the perfect destination for an « apéro » with some friends : hummus, tzatziki, tarama, pita breads, stuffed vine leaves and… puff appetizers aka stuffed brick sheets e.g. tyropitakia (cheese) or spanakopita (spinach and feta), the yummiest ! Serve this « pie » to share as finger food or as a main with some salad on the side. Continue reading “Greek spinach & feta brick – Brick à la Grecque aux épinards et à la féta”

Brocoli salad japanese style – Salade de brocoli à la japonaise

When one of my favorite veggies meets one of my favorite cuisines: brocoli made in Japan aka with some yummy avocado and topped with a mouth-watering sesame dressing. You can eat it a it is or serve it with some salmon for instance or even on top of some soba noodles for a more consistent salad! Continue reading “Brocoli salad japanese style – Salade de brocoli à la japonaise”


Take a trip to Tunisia with this typical mediterranean dish made of some sort of ratatouille topped with baked eggs: easy, earthy, healthy & yummy… what else?! Perfect for a quick dinner fix on a weekday, you’ll just need to have some vegetables on hand (the classic calls for tomatoes and sweet peppers but you can also jungle with zucchini or eggplant) as well as some specific spices – and the spices actually do it all! Continue reading “Chakchouka”

Ravioli & Leek Gratin – Gratin de ravioles et poireaux

Here comes one of the easiest childhood meal to open winter season on a rainy day: my cheesy oven-baked ravioli and leek gratin. For the yummiest result, make sure you use “ravioles du dauphiné” aka cheese stuffed little squares. The dough is extra thin, which is what makes it so meltingly soft. You can enjoy them as they are or put them in a gratin like myself, along with some leek and even more cheese for a mind-blowing diner (no one said anything about light or healthy)! Continue reading “Ravioli & Leek Gratin – Gratin de ravioles et poireaux”


Fresh, healthy and spicy, ceviche has it all. This raw fish specialty from Peru is the perfect summer dish to bring some exotic twist to any meal! Serve in small verrines as a starter or on top of a bed of guacamole like a tartar for a nice main. The original ceviche is just about marinated fish but you can also twist yours by adding a sweet touch such as some mango cubes, which will nicely offset the spiciness of the chili. Continue reading “Ceviche”

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