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Starters & Main Courses

I decided to merge these two themes as I live by the rule that every recipe can be made either as a starter or a main course!

J’ai décidé de fusionner ces deux catégories car je suis convaincu que toute recette est versatile selon les envies de chacun!

My famous green omelette – Ma fameuse omelette green

Quick and easy: the omelette. It could go wrong in so many different ways though. Overcooked, broken, poor taste… The cooking time and heat aside, one key to success is the choice of the ingredients you add to pimp your omelette. A plain omelette is kinda dull and that’s not something you’d want to serve to some guests. But twisted with some fresh herbs, spring onions and feta cheese it instantly steps into the top meals to prepare when in a hurry and looking for something tasty and healthy. Continue reading “My famous green omelette – Ma fameuse omelette green”


Veggie pasta, risotto-style – Pâtes veggie façon risotto

Here comes a nice and easy way to instantly upgrade your evening pasta dish! The all-in-one cooking nicely combines all the ingredients, the lemon zest brings a bold twist and most importantly, the slow cooking gives the whole thing the creamiest texture ever! You can switch for other veggies or add some new ones, the most important being the nice combination of colors and vitamins. Continue reading “Veggie pasta, risotto-style – Pâtes veggie façon risotto”

Lentil salad moroccan style – Salade de lentilles à la marocaine

Yet another healthy lentils recipe! this time with a Moroccan twist added by the cumin and the red pepper. Full of vitamin B & C, iron and some protein, this recipe has it all and is easy to throw together at any time! It’s a catch! Continue reading “Lentil salad moroccan style – Salade de lentilles à la marocaine”

Veggie curry over red rice – Curry de légumes et riz rouge

I actually got the idea for this recipe after having lunch at Rice Trotter, a small place dedicated to rice lovers which I highly recommend! They specialize in all sorts of curry, with a menu changing everyday, served on top of delicious rice, from basmati rice to Thai red rice though Italian black rice. I decided I’d go for some butternut as a base, mixed with some coconut and indian spices served with some red rice and it turned out amazingly good! Continue reading “Veggie curry over red rice – Curry de légumes et riz rouge”

Sweet Carrot salad – Salade de carottes aigre-douce

The perfect healthy combo to boost your vitamine levels with carrots for the happiness therapy! The lemon-cider dressing adds a sweet-sour touch providing this dish with a fresh summery taste. Continue reading “Sweet Carrot salad – Salade de carottes aigre-douce”

Punk salad – Salade punk

Lentils again, right?! Yeah I kinda love them… But again, very different from the previous recipes, with a little “niçoise salad” feel! I leave you to discover it on your own. As always it’s fairly easy. Only tough part lies in the candied cherry tomatoes but you can get them preprepared from any supermarket! Continue reading “Punk salad – Salade punk”

Macaroni alla butternut

A quick and easy way to serve an original dish and to even have some leftover soup! The butternut sauce adds a sweet touch to the classic macaroni dish, perfect for end of year cold nights!  Continue reading “Macaroni alla butternut”

Spaghettoni alla carbonara

Here comes the original past alla carbonara recipe by IDA chef, Denny Imbroisi: no cream, no bacon involved! And the best you’ll ever have I am sure. Follow these simple steps… Continue reading “Spaghettoni alla carbonara”

Greek spinach & feta brick – Brick à la Grecque aux épinards et à la féta

Greece is full of resources when it comes to finger food ! Hence the perfect destination for an « apéro » with some friends : hummus, tzatziki, tarama, pita breads, stuffed vine leaves and… puff appetizers aka stuffed brick sheets e.g. tyropitakia (cheese) or spanakopita (spinach and feta), the yummiest ! Serve this « pie » to share as finger food or as a main with some salad on the side. Continue reading “Greek spinach & feta brick – Brick à la Grecque aux épinards et à la féta”

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