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All my favorites dessert recipes! And baking definitely is my favorite part!

Tous mes desserts favoris! Et “pâtisser” reste ce que je préfère!

Banana Chiffon Cake

Banana is one of the big classics when it comes to baking but I can bet on the fact that you’ve never had anything like this one! Even though it’s banana the texture is fluffy and light as heaven. It’s not spicy, not hearty, not wintery… the taste is quite subtle and the texture thin as air thanks to the whipped egg whites. Serve with some tea and enjoy! Continue reading “Banana Chiffon Cake”


The unbeetable cake – Le gâteau à la betterave

I bet you’ve never heard of a beetroot cake! just like the carrot cake, the zucchini bread or the pumpkin pie, the beetroot cake stands among the typically American recipes which French people would probably have never thought of! Continue reading “The unbeetable cake – Le gâteau à la betterave”

Classic Apple Crumble – Crumble aux pommes

That’s one big classic you need to master: the french Apple crumble! perfect for a snack, for dessert or even for breakfast and it’s one of the easiest recipes ever. This is the iconic apple version but I also have a twisted version which will blow your mind! Continue reading “Classic Apple Crumble – Crumble aux pommes”

Yogurt mousse, cheesecake-style – Mousse de yaourt façon cheesecake

Everyone knows how passionate I get about cheesecake, one of my favorite desserts obviously but not the quickest nor the easiest one to make… plus it’s quite heavy on the stomach for a dinner dessert. That’s how I came up with this amazing alternative! combining the lightness of a mousse, tiramisu-style but with greek yogurt, with the lemony flavors of a cheesecake… Served in small individual verrines, it seems even lighter and healthier! Enjoy! Continue reading “Yogurt mousse, cheesecake-style – Mousse de yaourt façon cheesecake”

Blueberry Bundt Cake

Here comes one of the softest cakes I’ve ever made! It’s perfect for breakfast or for teatime, it’s easy as hell and, whatsoever, it’s a pretty little thing thanks to the nice blueberry dots all over it. I should call it Blueberry-lemon cake but the lemon is almost undistinguishable and it sounds too long anyway! The lemon zest adds just a subtle bitter lemon touch perfectly matching the berries’ sweetness. Continue reading “Blueberry Bundt Cake”

Lemon Loaf – Cake au citron

Lemon based desserts are a guaranteed success among my guests, they please fruit lovers as well as chocolate ones: lemon pie, lemon cheesecake, key lime pie… and now my famous lemon loaf cake! This one is particularly soft with lots of moisture and comes topped with some lemon icing for the real sour touch. And, as you’ll soon get to see, it’s incredibly easy to make! Continue reading “Lemon Loaf – Cake au citron”

Pull-apart Brioche Pain Perdu

Now this recipe combines many things I love about food: the childhood pleasure of tearing things apart, the fun of eating with your hands, the buttery taste of Brioche and the american feel of French Toast… I’m sure you wanna know more by now! All you’ll need is a classic French toast prep, a big Brioche from the Bakery and an oven. Yes, you read right! no pan, no messiness here! you put it all together and you throw it in the oven, it’s that simple! Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading “Pull-apart Brioche Pain Perdu”

Marbré Pound Cake – Cake Marbré

Here come a big French classic, revisited the American way: meet the Marbré-style pound cake! An incredibly easy recipe perfect for breakfast as well as afternoon tea, which you can keep for several days without loosing any of its softness. Continue reading “Marbré Pound Cake – Cake Marbré”

Cinnamon pull-apart loaf – Brioche à la cannelle à effeuiller

Who said anything about post xmas dinner diet? Yes, it’s Monday, yes, we’ve had plenty of food to last through winter and still, I’m obsessed with this Cinnamon Pull-apart Brioche. I usually don’t like any recipe involving self-made dough (pizza, bread…) because so much can go wrong along the way ending up with a flat piece of bread and a messy kitchen. But this one’s very easy and 100% success guaranteed.  Continue reading “Cinnamon pull-apart loaf – Brioche à la cannelle à effeuiller”

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