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Formaticus, Paris

Open last June, Formaticus operates as a restaurant and a grocery shop dedicated to cheese and I absolutely love it! If you’re not a big cheese fan, don’t even bother reading this post. For the others, make sure you don’t miss out on this place! You think you know cheese? you think you’ve had good cheese plates in the past? Forget all of it and run to Formaticus where hundreds of cheese sorts, straight from the producers, await to be discovered.

Continue reading “Formaticus, Paris”


Tsubame, Paris

A little piece of Japanese heaven has set foot rue de Douai in 2013 and I keep going back to it every time I yearn for some Izakaya and Japanese tapas. Continue reading “Tsubame, Paris”

MG Road, Paris

Let’s have some Indian food tonight! and meet MG Road, where India meets Paris. Continue reading “MG Road, Paris”

Banana Chiffon Cake

Banana is one of the big classics when it comes to baking but I can bet on the fact that you’ve never had anything like this one! Even though it’s banana the texture is fluffy and light as heaven. It’s not spicy, not hearty, not wintery… the taste is quite subtle and the texture thin as air thanks to the whipped egg whites. Serve with some tea and enjoy! Continue reading “Banana Chiffon Cake”

Sweet Carrot salad – Salade de carottes aigre-douce

The perfect healthy combo to boost your vitamine levels with carrots for the happiness therapy! The lemon-cider dressing adds a sweet-sour touch providing this dish with a fresh summery taste. Continue reading “Sweet Carrot salad – Salade de carottes aigre-douce”

Punk salad – Salade punk

Lentils again, right?! Yeah I kinda love them… But again, very different from the previous recipes, with a little “niçoise salad” feel! I leave you to discover it on your own. As always it’s fairly easy. Only tough part lies in the candied cherry tomatoes but you can get them preprepared from any supermarket! Continue reading “Punk salad – Salade punk”

Macaroni alla butternut

A quick and easy way to serve an original dish and to even have some leftover soup! The butternut sauce adds a sweet touch to the classic macaroni dish, perfect for end of year cold nights!  Continue reading “Macaroni alla butternut”

Spaghettoni alla carbonara

Here comes the original past alla carbonara recipe by IDA chef, Denny Imbroisi: no cream, no bacon involved! And the best you’ll ever have I am sure. Follow these simple steps… Continue reading “Spaghettoni alla carbonara”

The unbeetable cake – Le gâteau à la betterave

I bet you’ve never heard of a beetroot cake! just like the carrot cake, the zucchini bread or the pumpkin pie, the beetroot cake stands among the typically American recipes which French people would probably have never thought of! Continue reading “The unbeetable cake – Le gâteau à la betterave”

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