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Shrimp & mango colombo – Colombo de crevettes à la mangue

I love how food helps me travel sometimes, don’t you? Add some spices, some coconut milk, a pinch of sweet-sour and you’re on for a trip in the midst of Asia! I love how this dish unites India with Thailand with just a few ingredients. It’s easy, it’s healthy and it’s got lots of woaw effect to it, perfect for a dinner with friends. Continue reading “Shrimp & mango colombo – Colombo de crevettes à la mangue”

Marbré Pound Cake – Cake Marbré

Here come a big French classic, revisited the American way: meet the Marbré-style pound cake! An incredibly easy recipe perfect for breakfast as well as afternoon tea, which you can keep for several days without loosing any of its softness. Continue reading “Marbré Pound Cake – Cake Marbré”

Monkfish cider casserole – Lotte au cidre en cocotte

An easy recipe to impress your guests! The noble monkfish should already add a sophisticated touch to your meal but the breton cider marinade will upgrade it even more. Served with pilaf rice and some winter vegetables, it is the perfect option for a 3 course dinner. Continue reading “Monkfish cider casserole – Lotte au cidre en cocotte”


The perfect antipasto to please your guests: it’s cheap, it’s delicious and it’s so easy! I used to buy mine from the Italian place next to our home but you have to pay ludicrous money for 4 or 5 tiny little rolls when you can make loads on your own. Continue reading “Involtini”

Cake aux deux olives – Two olives loaf

I wouldn’t be a French foodista without an olive loaf recipe in store ! This one’s a classic, perfect for a buffet-dinner or when having friends over for an « apéro ». The very secret to succeeding this loaf bread is to use good savory cheese – I mix comté and gruyère for a tastier result! Trust your instincts, mix with cheddar or even add some feta cubes if you’d like! They marry olives to perfection… Continue reading “Cake aux deux olives – Two olives loaf”

Loulou Friendly Diner, Paris

A small American getaway in the midst of Paris. Looking for fresh juice, a big fat burger or a delicious club sandwich? Loulou Friendly Diner is your go-to. Continue reading “Loulou Friendly Diner, Paris”

Salmon Tataki – Tataki de Saumon

What would a week on my blogpage be without some salmon featured?? This one’s got some Japanese roots to it and is so easy to master with just a few Japanese ingredients on your hands. Plus, you’ll be sure to make a hit among your guests! Continue reading “Salmon Tataki – Tataki de Saumon”

Cinnamon pull-apart loaf – Brioche à la cannelle à effeuiller

Who said anything about post xmas dinner diet? Yes, it’s Monday, yes, we’ve had plenty of food to last through winter and still, I’m obsessed with this Cinnamon Pull-apart Brioche. I usually don’t like any recipe involving self-made dough (pizza, bread…) because so much can go wrong along the way ending up with a flat piece of bread and a messy kitchen. But this one’s very easy and 100% success guaranteed.  Continue reading “Cinnamon pull-apart loaf – Brioche à la cannelle à effeuiller”

Salmon Lentils – Lentilles au saumon

Winter has a way of depriving us iron and vitamine D (despite the continuous overeating and chocolate O.D.). Although there’s not much you can do about vitamine D (besides celebrating Christmas on a beach in Mauritius) I may have an idea for the iron part and it doesn’t involve any red meat! Continue reading “Salmon Lentils – Lentilles au saumon”

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